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At worldly we offer professional translation services
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Technical Manuals

In order to maintain the technical register of your manuals and not lose the clarity of the message, translations done by specialists are essential.

Tax and Financial Reports

This kind of texts usually use specialized jargon, so it is advisable to use expert translators who know the terminology and convey the information with the same register and meaning as the original.

Translations of personal documents

Through us you make sure that all your documents, such as resumes, university articles, books or identity documents, are translated with real care to be in the language you need, while sounding natural.

Legal Documents

For this area you must use sworn translators who have the approval of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Our sworn translator attests that your documents are completely truthful and convey the same message as the original. We will adjust the contents and forms to the target country’s standards for this field.

Website translation

Take advantage of the Internet by promoting and selling your services and products. Expand your clientele beyond those who speak your language, find potential customers by presenting your business in more languages!

Scientific writings

In a field as specialized as medicine, expert translators are a safe bet. The texts have a lot of precise and constantly evolving terminology, so it is best to translate with someone who is in frequent contact with this vocabulary.

Literary translations

We offer proofreading for those texts you need to be flawless. Four eyes see better than two and that is why we detect inaccuracies or reformulate sentences to give a better understanding and adaptation to the required language.

Audio and video transcriptions

If you want translation and/or subtitling of a video or audio. We will work with your content and deliver a document with the translation into the language you need, either in writing or by adding subtitles to your video or audio.

You hired translators on Upwork, LinkedIn, or Fiverr and the quality of their work isn’t up to par.
You emigrated and you have to translate legal or immigration documentation quickly and thoroughly.

You need your texts to sound fluent and some expressions that are not within your reach.

You need to add technical language to your documents that only a specialized translator can give to you.

You use online translators but you don’t get the fluency and quality you want.

You want to apply for a job and you need your resume to convey all your experience correctly.

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