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5 tips to learn a new language using Netflix

Learning a new language or perfecting one you already know does not have to depend on traditional learning methods or be a plain and boring activity that you spend a lot of money on. Among the countless possibilities the internet provides us with, online platforms and apps, many are related to online learning. It is so, that with some wit and creativity it is even possible to learn languages by watching TV shows and movies on Netflix. 

Have you ever imagined you could learn a language by watching the latest episode of your favorite show? Believe it or not, it is possible now-a-days. Just by following a few suggestions according to your language skills to better your experience, enjoy it and take advantage of the hours we spent in front of the TV. 

Bellow, we give you 5 tips to improve your pronunciation, vocabulary and knowledge of a language by just watching Netflix:

1- Subtitled in its original language

One of the best strategies to improve your language skills by watching a TV show or movie is to watch movies in the language you wish to learn and set aside English subtitles, instead use subtitles in its original language. Even though you may not understand the dialogues by hearing them, with the help of the subtitles you will be able to understand the meaning of the conversations better. We also recommend watching the TV shows or movies you like in English and add subtitles in the language of your choice. This will also help you learn and practice the language, since reading the words will help you learn the languages grammar and remember the correct spelling of the words in a fun way. 

2- Fleex – Intelligent subtitles

A very useful tool for language learning through Netflix is Fleex – Intelligent subtitles. This is a Google Chrome plug-in that is compatible with Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and YouTube that allows the user to click on any word of the given subtitles and by doing so, hear a slower pronunciation of the selected word and display it’s meaning and translations by context plus learn expressions related with it. Furthermore, Fleex will automatically put together your personal vocabulary list and allow you to go through it anytime. No doubt, a very useful tool to learn a language in a fun and simple way.

3- Language learning with Netflix

This is another Google Chrome plug-in that you should install on your browser in order to optimize your learning experience by watching TV shows and movies on Netflix. Language learning with Netflix is even better than Fleex for users that don’t count with enough knowledge of the language to understand subtitles in it. The most interesting part of this tool is that it allows you to see the subtitles in two languages, which allows the user to compare the original text and audio with a translation into the user’s mother tongue. This plug-in also offers the possibility to listen to the subtitles separately, change their speed and to use a pop-up dictionary of the language.

4- TV shows or movies?

Even though language learning by watching Netflix is more relaxed and fun than a formal lesson, the truth is that learning a new language does require some effort and can be quite exhausting.  Given this, for the basic and intermediate levels the best way would be to begin by practicing with TV shows that have short episodes, of no more than 20 or 30 minutes. Among them, the easiest ones to understand by the vocabulary used by their main characters are comedies. 

Some of the most simple to understand and popular shows available on Netflix are:

  • Friends
  • The office
  • That ‘70s show
  • Grace & Frankie

5- Advanced level

Because of the reasons explained on the previous item, watching movies in the language you wish to learn with subtitles in the same language would be the best option to practice the language for people with a more advanced level. Mainly because of the duration of movies (usually of more than 90 minutes) it can turn out to be too overwhelming to make the effort of understanding the language and learn new words for such a long period of time. Therefore, if you do have an advanced level of the language you will be able to enjoy the movie while perfecting your skills in it.  

From the thousands of movies available on Netflix, we have chosen the easiest ones to understand for people who know the language:

By following these tips and suggestions you will be able to make the most out of the hours you spend enjoying Netflix while learning or perfecting your languages skills. We hope this article will help you achieve your goals.