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Translation Services for Business

Expand your business with the best translation team and position your business in the market.

Our translator staff have high quality specialists on contracts and other legal documentation, as well as other technical documents you may need. Get the best service for your most important document!

Personal documents translation

All your documents such as CVs, university articles, books or ID documents are going to be translated professionally and naturally to the language requested.

Marketing texts translation

Exploit your marketing sales and suggestions by creating a clear and understandable message in all your areas. Rely on professional translators to create an impact on the target.

Websites and e-commerce sites translation

Take advantage on the internet by promoting and selling your services and products. Get more clients beyond your language and find potential clients exposing your business in more than one language!

Sworn and legal translation

In this area certified translators registered by Ministries of Foreign Affairs are needed. Our certified translator attests that your documents are true and accurate to the source text. Content and form shall be adjusted to the standards applied on that area.

Financial documents translation

This type of texts uses a specialized jargon. That is why a certified translator is needed, since they acknowledge the terminology as well as communicate the message on the same registry and sense than the source text.

Save time and money while getting the best quality results. Translate with Worldly!

If you have already tried with online translators and you didn’t get the expected results, Worldly Translations has the best solution for you. We have a team of certified translators who are native in their languages and can provide technical, fast-delivering results at a reasonable price. Trust your migration documents, CV or university works to real translation specialists.

Expand your business with the best translation team and position your business in the market.

Audio and video transcription

In case you need a video or audio subtitling and/or translation. We will work on your content and we will deliver a document with the needed translation to the requested language being it in writing or by adding the subtitles to your audio or video.

Document post-editing:

We offer a flawless proofreading services for your requested documents. Two heads are better than one and that is the reason why we spot failures or rephrase sentences for a better comprehension and adaption to the required language.

Correction and revision of texts

We can also analyze your documents so as to correct to the last detail and create the most accurate translation possible. The translation will be 100% proofread and edited to be delivered in the best conditions possible.

Medical translations

In the medical area relying on a translation expert is your best choice. These texts have very precise and dynamic terminology. That is why an expert in the field who is constantly aware of such terminology will be your best choice.

Technical documents

Translations done by experts are essential to maintain the manual technical register without going far from the original message.

Video subtitling and subtitle translations

For multimedia content requiring accurate subtitles that convey the original message. We have a broad experience in the audiovisual market such as movies and series.

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