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Personal documents translation

By using our services you can be sure that all the documentation you need to submit, such as your curriculum vitae or any university texts like books, websites or research papers will be translated carefully by a professional native speaker.

Marketing texts translation

To take advantage of marketing’s power of suggestion you need the message to be comprehensive and understandable. In order to help you achieve this, we have a vast net of translators specialized in marketing that will give your brand great impact in any language.

Websites and e-commerce sites translation

Make the most out of the internet by promoting and selling your products and services. For which, you need to focus not only on potential clients who speak your language, but also on those who might be interested if they were to understand your message.

Sworn and legal translation

Which consists in having a series of legal documents translated into another language by a sworn translator who ensures that the target text is completely accurate and conveys the same message as the original. Logically, the content and manner should be adjusted to the established standards of this field. All sworn translators have the approval of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Financial documents translation

This type of texts usually requires specific jargon, for which it is advised to resort to an expert translator who is used to the changes in terminology in order to transmit information within the same register so that the reader will pick up the same meaning the original text expresses.

Audio and video transcription

If you need to translate and/or caption a video or audio, we also work with professional transcriptionists and will deliver your audio or video subtitled or as a written document in any language you may need.

Document post-editing:

We offer you a revision of those very important documents that can’t have any mistakes. Four eyes see better than two and so we detect imprecisions or redraft sentences as needed for better understanding.

Correction and revision of texts

Similarly, we can provide a meticulous analysis to perfect even the smallest detail y thus, translate in the most precise way. This way, the translation will be 100% revised and ready to be sent.

Medical translations

For such a specialized field as medicine, the bet for an expert translator is the safest in order to remain loyal to the original document. These texts tend to be very precise and have a vast terminology that remains in constant evolution, for which it is best to hire a translator that is specialized in the field and up-to-date with all it’s advances and has a deep understanding of the text and not only of the language.

Technical documents

In order to keep all the information on a technical level, it is essential to be on the same page as the creator of the original text for the translation of these documents.​

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