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The keys to specialized translation

Know what are the keys to specialized translation

Throughout the various articles on the Worldly Translations blog, we have referred to specialized translation on several occasions. However, not all people are familiar with this expression or with what the characteristics of this type of translation are and how the professionals who perform them should be trained.
What is specialized translation? What are its peculiarities? What attributes should a specialized translator have? All this and much more in the following article.

What is specialized translation?

Specialized translation is one in which a specialized text is translated into another language; that is, a document that revolves around a specific discipline and with its own terminology used by specialists in the field.
Therefore, specialized translation requires in-depth knowledge of the subject in question and the use of a specific vocabulary of the field of study in which the text is framed.

Some clear examples of this type of translation are: legal translation, medical translation, marketing translation, financial translation and scientific translation.

What are its main characteristics?

  • The use of specific terminology: The first peculiarity of specialized translation is its specific terminology. These types of translations require absolute precision, that is, they do not leave room for approximation.

    An ambiguous phrase, even if it seems only a detail, can have serious consequences, especially in areas such as legal, financial, medical or scientific. Therefore, a specialized translator cannot afford inaccuracies.


  • More precision, less creativity: With the exception of literary translation, where there is a little more scope for creativity, specialized translation demands, above all, precision and rigor.
    Thus, for example, in a legal translation the professional translator must do their job taking into account the legal differences between the country of origin and the country of destination, as well as the different legal figures and international laws in force.

  • Documentation, reliable sources and updating: Consultation sources and documentation are indispensable allies for any specialized translator. Over the years, the compilation of study material and the creation of your own “reference library” has been extremely useful to speed up the translation work.
    However, this type of professionals must be permanently updated on the developments that arise around their field and directly affect the communication and dissemination of specialized documents.

  • Towards a specialized audience: In addition, as we have already highlighted, these types of texts are aimed at a specific audience that is usually framed in a certain field of study. Therefore, it is always important to keep in mind that we are addressing an especially demanding audience that shares a specialized language.

What are the attributes of a specialized translator?

A specialized translator is a professional who manages to combine the skills and competencies of a professional translator and the knowledge related to their field of specialization. Beyond having extensive knowledge of the specific terminology and the conjuncture of the field of study in question, the translator must be able to apply it properly to their work.
Therefore, a specialized translator is above all a person who is curious, informed and passionate about a certain subject in which they are continuously trained. Otherwise, they will probably not understand the original meaning of the text or be able to express themselves correctly in the target language.
However, this does not necessarily mean that this professional must have a university degree linked to this field. The study of a career is not the only way to know, train and deepen our knowledge about a specialty. Therefore, a person with the title of professional translator can train independently and self-taught on a subject of interest to them to become – after much practice and gained experience – a specialized translator.

How can I contact a specialized translator?

Worldly Translations is a translation agency with more than a decade of experience, consequently, we know how to respond quickly and efficiently to the particular needs of each of our clients. We have specialized translators in different fields of study, so we assign each job to the most appropriate person to carry out that task.
If you need a specialized translation, contact us through this form.

We hope you have enjoyed learning about what specialized translation is all about and why it is so important to use a trained professional in the field to obtain the best results. Until next time!