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Marketing translation: Why is it so important?

Since the late 1980s, marketing has taken on a special relevance for companies since its practices, principles, decisions and actions make up neither more nor less than the corporate image that is displayed abroad. Even more so in these times when globalization turned the planet into “a world of possibilities”, marketing translation reached an importance unthinkable a few decades ago.

The internationalization of markets, massive access to the Internet and the development of new communication technologies are some of the many reasons that drive companies to request marketing translation services so that they are not out of the game on the transnational scene.

It is no longer enough to have creative and regularly updated marketing strategies; In order to have real sales opportunities that drive business outside borders, you have to make yourself understood, essentially. Therefore, we could say that today professional translation and digital marketing are two sides of the same coin for those seeking to expand into other markets.


What are the most common mistakes in marketing translation?

Marketing strategies and actions carried out by companies to promote a brand or business in foreign markets often fail in multilingual communication.

Generally, these problems occur due to not resorting to a professional translator agency and underestimating the importance of offering readers a quality translation on the effectiveness of communication, which preserves the meaning but also the creativity and intentionality of the initial strategy.


What are the keys to a successful marketing translation?

As we have seen, it is not enough to master a language to be able to translate a text correctly, preserving its meaning, the author’s intention and the effect it generates on readers. To do a marketing translation you need to:

  • Dedicate hours of study to the subject in question, using reliable sources and reference materials.
  • Keep fluid communication with the client and their marketing
  • Be familiar with copywriting and persuasive writing.
  • Fully understand the target audience of the company’s actions.
  • Know – in addition to the language and the language of marketing – the culture of origin and destination.


What is the importance of persuasive writing in this process?

In terms of marketing, creativity and persuasion are essential for the success of any communication strategy. An advertising slogan must be creative enough to attract the attention of readers, interesting and attractive to maintain that interest, and very persuasive to encourage the target audience to buy what is being sold.

Therefore, a translator specialized in marketing must not only be trained to translate marketing-related texts, but must also be trained in the art of persuasive writing so that those texts retain the attraction and intention that allows them to have a certain effecton its readers.


What documents are part of the marketing translation?

Our marketing translation services include brochures, flyers, marketing and advertising scripts, advertising slogans, brand speeches, company presentations, new product launches, website content, press releases and everything else related to corporate communication.

The ultimate goal of these actions is to position the image of the company, but they must also be attractive enough to arouse the interest of the reader and thus encourage sales. This objective is especially considered by translators specialized in marketing, who, in addition to making messages intelligible in another language, must “translate” and preserve the intentions of the authors of the original document.


How can I contact a translator specialized in marketing?

Worldly Translations is a translation agency with many years of experience, so we know how to respond efficiently to the needs of our clients. We have specialized translators, so we assign each job to the most appropriate person to carry out that task.

If you need a marketing translation, contact us, we know how to translate your communication strategies and actions clearly, persuasively and effectively.

We hope you enjoyed learning what marketing translation is all about and why it is so important for the success of a company in a globalized world. Until next time!